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~* roxie recs *~

The recs journal of [personal profile] pluvial_poetry.

Because someday it will be easier to house them all here than to continue to keep them in her own journal...
ETA: That day has arrived.

Here's the deal - I read. And I like to keep track of the good stuff. And while I don't always have the time to write blurbs for all the fic links that I will be posting here, generally they will all have similar elements - that they are well-written and well-characterized. At the very least, each fic will be interesting.

~* other things you will find here *~

1. Varied Fandoms:

The 10th Kingdom
The 4400
Alexander the Great
Bourne Identity
Brokeback Mountain
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Chronicles of Narnia
The Cutting Edge
Doctor Who
Empire Records
From Eroica With Love
Good Omens
Grey's Anatomy
Harry Potter (Assorted)
Harry Potter (Sirius Black/Remus Lupin (MWPP Era))
Harry Potter (Sirius Black/Remus Lupin (MWPP Era) Continued)
House, M.D.
Kitchen Confidential
La Femme Nikita
Law & Order
MacDonald Hall
Ocean's 11
Original Fiction
Queer As Folk
Queer As Folk UK
Real Person Fiction
Stargate: Atlantis
The Talented Mr. Ripley
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Velvet Goldmine
Weiß Kreuz
Y Tu Mama Tambien

2. Both Het, Slash and Non-pairing fic. I am an equal opportunity reader. I will admit however, that the recs are skewed in favor of slash. And I definitely have my favorite pairings and mostly, I tend not to stray far from them.

3. My opinion. These are fics that I like, written by authors that I like. So maybe you won't agree with my taste, maybe I'll have too much of one person's work for your taste... and I don't care. Sorry!

4. WsIP. They are impossible to escape as a reader and no, I don't label them. Though I might in the future.

5. ADULT CONTENT. I cannot stress that enough. If you are underage (18 or the legal age of consent wherever you are) then some of the fics here may not be for you. Look at the ratings and use your judgement.

~* looking for fics *~

Information on how to find what you're looking for in [personal profile] roxie_recs can be found in My Introduction Post.

~* okay? happy reading. *~

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