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Harry Potter (Sirius Black/Remus Lupin (MWPP era) Continued)

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Harry Potter (Sirius Black/Remus Lupin (MWPP era))

The SB/RL page has a little bit of a different format, in that I do use blurbs to describe what I like about the fics. Mostly because there a so many in such a small category that I needed a way to differentiate them within my own mind. And also just FYI:

- All these fics are set in MWPP era. Some of the fics may have more than one setting. But my one criteria was that some of the fic had to take place in MWPP or it wouldn't be placed here.

- I graded the fics. From 1 to 3 stars, 3's being my favorites. And just for clarification, 1's do not mean that I think the fic is bad. I left MANY fics off of this list. I would say, if anything: 1 means good, 2 means better and 3 means best. IMO, of course.

- I always tried to give each of the fics a category and a time setting. So if a fic is labeled 'the prank, At Hogwarts' obviously that means that the fic is about the prank and it takes place while MWPP are still at Hogwarts.

Categories include: discovery (Sirius and Remus realize that there are feelings between them), first time (first occasion of sex or sexual contact between the two), established (the two are already in a established relationship), the prank (the prank on Snape or the aftermath thereof). Fics will either take place At Hogwarts or Post Hogwarts but before 1981. If there are sections of the fics that take place during PoA, GoF or OotP, they are labeled as such.

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