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Queer As Folk

The Reunion by Athena 13 (PG, Brian/Michael)
Takes place during Brian and Michael’s teenage years. They know each other in school but do not become friends until after high school. What happens to make them friends?

French Kiss by Danielle (PG-13, Brian/Michael)
Brian and Michael, age 16, CPR practice and a kiss.

Untitled ficlet by Danielle (R, Brian/Michael)
"Don't flatter yourself," Michael said in an attempt to wound Brian, "it wasn't that hot."

Floating in Darkness by Destina Fortunato (NC-17, Brian/Michael)
An illustration of the train wreck that is inevitably Brian and Michael together, no matter what the circumstances are.

Fifteen and Life by Gene (R, Brian/Michael)
It's hot. It's humid. Its summer in the Pitts. Oh the monotny of youth. What shall our dynamic duo do?

Learning Curve by Jenn (R, Brian/Michael)
Brian's learned to adapt. He does that a lot these days.

Addictions by Kaden (PG-13, Blake/Ethan)
They’ve both gone through their addictions.

Indestructible by kayesscee (PG-13, Brian/Michael)
Brian and Michael at 15 and 18. A take on the day with the magazine and how the forehead thing started, and their first kiss.

with all the love that never occured between us by Kel (R, Brian/Michael)
Michael waited.

As Good As It Gets by Marmalade Girl (PG-13, Brian/Michael)
“I didn’t think you’d go and get married, that’s for damn sure,” he said softly.

Maps by mojokitten (R, Michael)
Michael comes home.

Relics by mojokitten (PG-13, Brian/Michael)
Justin likes to think that the story of Brian Kinney, if you were going to tell it, would pretty much kick off with Brian Kinney meeting Justin Taylor.

a superhero by mojokitten (PG, Gen - Hunter)
They’re reading For Whom The Bell Tolls. It’s pretty fucking long. It does not speak to Hunter about his life.

shining by mojokitten (PG, Gen - Emmett, Brian)
This city was dull, was cold and dirty – how could Emmett do anything other than shine?

untitled by mojokitten (PG, Gen - Debbie, Brian)
He tries to remember the last time he came to the diner and Debbie wasn’t there.

Everything Is As by Rei (R, Brian/Emmett)
Since then I've been so good at vanishing.

The Gift by Sahari (R, Brian/Michael)
What if Debbie HADN’T opened that door when Brian and Michael were “discussing” Patrick Swayze?

The Gift: Belated Birthday by Sahari (R, Brian/Michael)
Brian gives Michael a present.

Graphic Arts by Stealthlamb (NC-17, Brian/Michael)
Art can invoke all kinds of emotions.

Impression by sweetestdrain (R, Lindsay/Sam)
What was she to him? A Galatea of his very own?

New by sweetestdrain (PG, Brian/Michael)
The funny thing is, Brian forgets about it until Michael says something.

Getting Dressed by Teri (PG-13, Brian/Michael)
A morning with the boys.

Come All Ye Lost by theredwepainted (PG-13, Brian/Michael)
Michael has a fantasy (two parts dream, one part reality), that the world is empty, except for them.

World Enough and Time by Thistlerose (R, Brian/Michael)
Brian comes home from college and ends up on the wrong doorstep.

You Only Disappear by Thistlerose (R, Brian/Michael)
It's the night before Brian leaves for college and Michael thinks they should spend it together. Brian has other plans...that don't happen to include Michael.

Segue by tick_tick (R, Brian/Ethan)
Closure. Of sorts.

Sleep by Ultraviolet (PG-13, Brian/Michael)
Michael is mourning; Brian tries to help.

Dawn by Ultraviolet (PG-13, Brian/Michael)
Michael reflects on his changing life.

Blossom by Ultraviolet (PG-13, Brian/Michael)
Brian and Michael take the next step.

Commencement by Ultraviolet (PG-13, Brian/Michael)
Michael lets go of the past.

Under Construction by Velocity (NC-17, Brian/Michael)
Brian creates the home he's always yearned for.

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