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Original Fiction

What Happens In Vegas by bellheim (PG-13, Christian/Marco)
Version of a Las Vegas wedding, including obligatory mentions of gambling, Elvis impersonators, and South Las Vegas Boulevard.

The More Things Stay by Bex (R, James/Aaron)
Nothing ever changes unless someone decides to dare James and Aaron to get off with each other for two minutes.

The God Eaters by Chartreuse (NC-17, Kieran/Ashleigh)
He was going to be eaten alive in prison. He'd realized that shortly after the shock of not being executed had worn off.

Dial Tone by Comodin (R, Daniel/Sam)
One number carved into an Old Navy bathroom stall. One miserable, music-filled educational summer at band camp. Two teenage boys to string it all together.

Going Native by d'Neronique (R, John/Aiden)
The school Republican finds himself in love with the school Lesbian. In an attempt to woo her, he joins the GSA and makes a few unexpected friends along the way.

Blind Date by Matthew Haldeman-Time (PG, Shawn/Ryan)
Ryan begins to reconsider his first date rules.

Bright by Matthew Haldeman-Time (PG-13, Logan/Bryan, Logan/Bryce)
“Apparently, Bryan and Bryce have never dated the same guy before, so this is all new territory for them.”

Predicament by Matthew Haldeman-Time (NC-17, Derek/John)
John's a workaholic. Derek has handcuffs.

Ten Weird Things by Matthew Haldeman-Time (R, Eric/David)
Charles is vegisexual. Shana licks pizza. Eric's new roommate David may be the most normal thing in his life.

The List by Matthew Haldeman-Time (R, Noah/Michael)
Waking up that first morning and smelling Robert on his sheets instead of Michael…

Wicked by Matthew Haldeman-Time (NC-17, Ethan/Zachary)
“You’re the only guy I’ve ever respected enough to keep my hands off of. You’re the only person I’ve ever loved for more than three days.”

Reverse Order by I'll Try Again (R, Jason/Andy)
After a hazy night, punk-rock icons Andy McCarron and Jason Gulley need to convince the rest of the world that pictures don't mean anything.

Jeeves by Jeoal (R, Brayl/Bosco)
A high school rivalry between a couple’s teenage butler, Bosco, and their son, Brayl.

Sweet Cynicism by Lost Again (R, Devon/Adriel)
Devon used to think he was the best artist and most cynical student at his high school. Then he met his new locker buddy Adriel.

Desert Dropping by Dom Luka (NC-17, Rory/?)
Rory's mom just died and soon after the funeral his life is turned upside down.

The Ordinary Us by Dom Luka (NC-17, Quinn/Jude)
This is the story of seventeen-year-old Quinn Moore. He likes things just the way they are, thank you. But then he meets Jude Landon.

The Rose and the Fox by maderr (PG, Briar/Reynard)
“There’s no such thing as a True Love. It’s all nonsense cooked up by a vengeful fairy, because the only thing worse than a terrible curse is a false hope of someday overcoming it.”

The Toad Prince by maderr (PG-13, Wesley/?)
Except this time he wasn’t entirely alone. He was with a toad. Bonded to a toad.

Worse than Drunk Butterflies by maderr (PG-13, Dixie/Greg)
Dixie dragged his unexpected – unwanted – guest as carefully as he could to the house.

Experiment 9: Red and Black by mithmaulin (PG-13, Kin/Micah)
Kenneth C. Flagg puts unresolved sexual tension under the microscope. Ah, geek love.

Subjective Intrinsic Value by Mousapelli (NC-17, Adam/Steve)
Adam's girlfriend has skipped town because of gambling debts, and the mob is coming to take it out of Adam's hide. Also involved are Steve, who Adam doesn't know is a jewel thief, and the girlfriend's pet rat...

Disturbance by nite3 (R, Andre/Veyt)
Veyt was prepared to hate everyone. Until he met Andre.

Dynasty of Ghosts by PL Nunn (NC-17, Illya/Ashe)
A blood feud between warring kingdoms places a young man with the unique ability to see ghosts in a precarious situation, where only he might be able to save the prince heir.

An Angel in Hollywood by Parhelion (NC-17, Angelo/Sidney)
When confronted by a rampaging comic genius, what's a studio publicity fella to do?

The Devil and Cowboy Will by Parhelion (NC-17, Nigel/Will)
Will never imagined what could happen when he side-kicked a Creep like Cole.

WMSmoker seeks Seclusion by PirateGrrl (R, Clyde/Sam)
Clyde doesn't discriminate; he hates everyone equally.

Emerson by Ree (PG-13, Emerson/Nicolas)
When you have the tendency to shut your door twenty-six times, it's hard for people to come in. But sometimes, especially in the case of a certain blue-eyed, half-Italian neighbor, it's hard to keep them out.

How to Grow Fruit by Ree (R, Jared/Ryan)
Jared Adams, a self-declared loner, has been dragged to spend a few weeks with his parents and their old college friends. Unfortunately for Jared, this also includes Ryan, their snarky enigma of a son.

Pathfinder by Rushlight (NC-17, Shai/Lorne)
The young pathfinder Shai desperately needs a genetically suitable partner to prevent his extrasensory talents from running amok.

Thoughts Without Words by Saint Anger (R, Nathan/Robbie)
When Nate, a mischievous, troublesome mental patient, meets Robbie, the introverted new admit, it throws life in the ward entirely off balance.

The Individuality of Snowflakes by Setissma (PG-13, Cam/Sebastian)
It wasn’t, entirely, that he’d never seen snow before.

Nail Polish Lust by Shera Crawler 007 (NC-17, Dan/Trevor)
An off duty cop meets a rich kid in a goth bar.

And Lie On Demand by skylark97 (R, Harley/Benny)
The problem, Harley decided, with being a magical prodigy, was that there was entirely too much trouble he could get in to, should he put his mind to it.

Of Wolves and Witches by skylark97 (PG, Henry/Wolf)
That he was here to subdue the barbarian clan and groom them to be ruled by his supposedly more superior and more civilized people, seemed absurd.

Something Sweet cont. by skylark97 (PG, Grady/Clarence)
“Well, just let me know if you need any assistance. I’m more than happy to help.”

Lemons by sparklebutch (R)
That was the smell of my first kiss; lemons and sweat, and clean soap underneath it.

Exit Running by Thera (NC-17, Marlow/?)
Ramsey would never open himself up. He would have to be slashed apart.

Coincidences by tipping ivy (PG-13, Reid/Joel)
I wasn't gay... until Reid decided I was.

The Eiffel Tower by xStarxCounterx (R, Sebastian/Paris)
When Sebastian's girlfriend wants a break, Paris is there for him. But wait- what, exactly, is it that Paris is there for again?

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