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Breaking Point by Audra Rose (NC-17, Gibbs/Tony)
It would take something catastrophic to bring them together.

A Life at Sea by cupidsbow (NC-17, Gibbs/Tony)
Tony attempted a smile, but knew it wasn't one of his best. It was amazing how having someone stick a needle into your right palm, pectoral and biceps dimmed the joy de vivre.

houseguest by GabrielleMB (PG, implied Gibbs/Tony)
Gibbs, Kate and Tony after the events of 'Left for Dead'.

One Day Down by Holly (PG-13, Gibbs/Tony)
A relationship in snapshots.

Dead marine, Gibbs… Bruised knees, New job (or, How Tony Thinks He Got His Job) by Ingenius Inc (NC-17, Gibbs/Tony)
“You have an office where we could work out the details, Detective DiNozzo?”

Issues With Confined Spaces And Rococo Lamps by Ingenius Inc (PG-13, Gibbs/Tony)
All in all, Tony’s issues are actually pretty mundane.

Twelve Steps to Understanding? by Ingenius Inc (NC-17, Gibbs/Tony)
Tony’s only been working under Gibbs for two months and already he’s had sex more times with Gibbs than anybody else in his adult life (which is actually kind of sad).

The Second B is for Belonging by Juli (NC-17, Gibbs/Tony)
Tony turns himself inside out trying to be the type of NCIS Special Agent that he thinks Gibbs needs.

Can't a Boy Fantasize? by Kells (NC-17, Gibbs/Tony)
"Your taste in women sucks DiNozzo."

Promises by Kelly-girl (NC-17, Gibbs/Tony)
This is the last time.

Keepsake by Layton Colt (PG, Gen - Tony)
He lifts a compact from the drawer, and sets it in the box neatly labeled 'Kate Todd' in black ink.

The Space Between by Layton Colt (R, Gen - cast)
They're all getting by. At first glance, anyway.

The Twelfth Day by Layton Colt (R, Gibbs/Tony)
The longest Tony has gone without sex is 11 days, and 6 hours.

Sanguis Imicus by lila (PG-13, Gen - cast)
When a sailor is found exsanguinated in New Orleans, Gibbs and company go hunting for the vampire-style killer using DiNozzo as bait.

Calm in the Storm by LunarDreamed (PG-13, Gibbs/Tony)
There’s a whole world waiting for Gibbs beyond Mexico and if he won’t go to it, it might just come for him.

Clamor by Nilahasi (NC-17, Gibbs/Tony)
Tony thinks he's moving forward. Maybe he is.

New! Pride Goes Before the Fall by Nix (PG-13, Gibbs/Tony)
Tony, McGee, and Palmer make a bet. Drastic measures are required to determine the winner.

Boxing by Rebecca (PG-13, Gibbs/Tony)
It's all the same with us.

down the rabbit hole by Rebecca (PG-13, Gibbs/Tony)
He can never fall asleep without looking, and wondering, and trying to figure out how he's gotten here.

Please (Don't) Pet The Tony by Rebecca (NC-17, Gibbs/Tony)
He's in over his head.

A day to remember by richefic (PG, Gen - cast)
McGee makes a rookie mistake and Tony pays the price.

Esprit de Corps by Gigi Sinclair (NC-17, Gibbs/Tony)
Gibbs came home to find his front door ajar.

Living With It by skripka (NC-17, Gibbs/Tony)
He was committed to whatever insanity had gripped Gibbs.

Names by skripka (PG, Gen - cast)
7 names.

The Window by Summertime (PG-13, Gen - cast)
Tony wakes up alone in a locked room. Gradually, he creates his own way out, but when rescue finally comes, how can he reconcile what he sees with what he knows?

Dating George Clooney by twoweevils (NC-17, Gibbs/Tony)
"Yeah, but come on, Gibbs." Tony grinned. "You make your own rules now -- twenty-three of them and counting."

The Buddy System by twoweevils (NC-17, Gibbs/Tony)
"When you're on board ship or restricted to base, what are you supposed to do?"

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