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My miscellaneous category includes fandoms that I have only recced one fic for.

New! Won't Be Your Winter by destroythemeek (PG-13, 10 Things I Hate About You, Kat/Patrick)
Ten years after the movie, Kat's life is going great. Until Patrick shows up again, and Bianca makes an emergency request.

Whites or Brights by k (PG, Angel, Fred/Gunn)
One night in LA, laundry happens.

New! The Sandwich Story by Obfuscate (PG, Calvin and Hobbes, Gen - cast)
Hobbes is changing.

Competitive Sport by Eyebrow of Doom (NC-17, Cruel Intentions, Blaine/Sebastian)
Blaine has been trained to keep his hands off the merchandise. Sebastian performs an impression of the vaunted virgin debutante.

Shelf Life (The Go West Young Man Two Step) by Nifra Idril (NC-17, Good Will Hunting, Chuckie/Will)
Chuckie’s glass. Will’s a goddamned diamond.

When He Sings by Mandy's Bitch (NC-17, Heroes, Nathan/Peter)
“Nathan doesn’t misuse words.”

New! Port In The Storm by Troll Princess (PG, Journeyman, Gen - Katie)
They've been at this for a while and Katie still worries whether or not she can handle it, even if it's not happening to her.

New! Do What You Gotta Do (Five Pieces Of Advice Ben Completely Ignores) by hkath (R, Knocked Up, Ben/Alison)
Everyone has to have their say.

Both Sides Now by mcee (PG-13, Love Actually, Harry/Karen)
Harry is not by nature sceptical, but he's having trouble believing his luck.

Pushover by shalott (NC-17, Mr. &. Mrs. Smith, Jane/John)
"Now, sweetheart, just trust me."

A Better State Than This by Hyperfocused (R, My Own Private Idaho, Scott/Mike)
"Commit the oldest sins the newest kind of ways."

Asymptotic Behavior by Pru (PG, Numb3rs, Gen - Don, Charlie)
Don knows this math.

Female of the Species by zahra (PG, The O.C., Summer/Seth)
Seth does not get women; he knows this.

New! Samskara by entwashian (PG, Roswell, Gen - Kyle)
Three boys. Three girls. One minibus.

Burn (Don't Freeze) by Katja (R, Rules of Attraction, Paul/Dick)
Paul and Richard just can't seem to get it together.

Deeper Than Thought by Narko (PG, A Separate Peace, Gene/Finny)
For a moment, there with the sound of waves behind me and the depth of Fin's eyes in front, I felt as if I'd drown.

Visiting Hours by Pru (R, Smallville AU, Connor/Terry)
In which Metropolis stays weird.

New! Walk the Wire by anr (PG, Speed, Annie/Jack)
Alive and mostly okay.

Five things that happen during the week Dan and Casey guest-host Studio 60 by scrunchy (PG, Sports Night x-over with Studio 60, Gen - cast)
You're watching Studio 60 here on NBS , so stick around.

Status by Sam Vimes (R, Studio 60, Matt/Danny)
Matt and Danny have very complicated lives, but they have big hats, too.

The Coward Conquest by V (PG-13, Troy, Achilles/Patroclus)
The war was routine, but Achilles no longer welcomed it. He wished only to be done with it, to flee-- not out of cowardice, but of boredom.

New! A Kiss is Still a Kiss by bardsong (PG, The Wizard of Oz, Gen - Ozma)
A bored princess tries an experiment.

A Different Story by Proserpina (PG-13, Wonder Boys, Terry/James)
From across the room, James looks perfectly normal.

Shell by Penknife (PG-13, X-Men, Charles/Erik)
Charles is beginning to wonder where all the spoons are going.

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