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Fatalis by the drifter (PG-13, Billy/Dom)
If Dom keeps this up, it’s going to f*cking kill him.

A Comfort and a Joy by flusteredspeech (PG-13, Billy/Dom)
When Dom stepped off the plane in New Zealand and left everyone he knew at home, he thought he was ready for a good adventure.

Fair Game by glasglow blue (PG, Billy/Dom)
The game began six months ago when, on a whim, Dom bought the bracelet from a street vendor.

Pageturner by kiltsandlollies (PG-13, Billy/Dom)
It’s the strangest sound Dominic’s ever heard: a slow, ripping noise that’s like a papery bandage being ripped from some kind of mutant skin.

Everything's Not Lost. Just Most Things by Anna Kovsky (PG, Billy/Dom)
Three weeks for him to realize and he thinks he must not have been paying attention.

The Balancing Act by Lassiter (PG-13, Billy/Dom)
"We make each other stupid," Billy observed one day.

the dissolution of virtue by lux aeterna (PG, Billy/Dom)
When Dom started smoking, Billy told himself he didn’t mind.

Billy Liar by minervacat (PG-13, implied Billy/Dom)
"These are not conventional poker rules, Doodle. Dom made these rules up. Which means he's got all my money, and I've got his trousers."

Postcards From The Edge by Minervacat (PG-13, Billy/Dom)
Billy sits on the floor in the kitchen and stares at the postcards on his fridge.

The Real Place by sheldrake (PG, Billy/Dom)
Billy gets lost. Dom invents a new game.

Awake by Zarah (PG-13, Billy/Dom)
Wherein people wake up. Literally and figuratively speaking.

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