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Crows in the Wheatfield by eponine119 (PG-13, Jack/Sawyer)
Sawyer's an old hand at insomnia. He teaches Jack everything he knows.

Hands by eponine119 (NC-17, Jack/Sawyer)
Sawyer lends Jack a hand with an intimate task.

Test Drive by eponine119 (NC-17, Jack/Sawyer)
It was the last place in the world he ever expected to see him again.

Bedshaped by foxxcub (NC-17, Jack/Sawyer)
After being returned to the real world, Jack and Sawyer meet once more.

Bedrest by Halfdutch (PG, Jack/Sawyer)
"These your boxers, doc?"

Habit by hkath (R, Jack/Sawyer)
Ten times.

Night on Earth by hkath (NC-17, Jack/Sawyer)
Jack and Sawyer cross paths on New Year's Eve, in New York City.

Marks and Claims by holycitygirl (NC-17, Jack/Sawyer)
Trust and tattoos.

Open Your Eyes by Katie (R, Jack/Sawyer)
Sawyer tries to think about the now without thinking about the then. He can’t.

find me by kHo (NC-17, Jack/Sawyer)
“Man’s gotta get his jollies somewhere.”

Mutually Beneficial by kHo (NC-17, Jack/Sawyer)
The left overs of so many battles left unresolved.

truce by kHo (NC-17, Jack/Sawyer)
It started out as yet another round in the Jack and Sawyer show.

Distraction by Madelyn (R, Jack/Sawyer)
Jack doesn’t know when to give up.

Performers by Mari (NC-17, Jack/Sawyer)
Sawyer knows when he’s being watched.

Me Crazy. You Asshole. by sparky77 (R, Jack/Sawyer)
Jack really doesn’t know where he got the idea.

Knowledge by uberaeryn (NC-17, Jack/Sawyer)
And then Jack knew . . .

On Being God by uberaeryn (NC-17, Jack/Sawyer)
"He wondered if God did this same thing . . ."

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