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House, M.D.

Explication of a Prefix by aheartfulofyou (PG-13, House/Wilson)
aspirate v. To draw air into the lungs; a rough breathing sound.

Conclusions by alazysod (PG-13, House/Wilson)
“Are you planning on sleeping on my couch again tonight?”

Heart of Oak by alibi factory (PG-13, House/Chase, House/Wilson)
Chase has a problem with neediness.

The Order by alibi factory (PG, Gen - Forman)
existentialism, initiation, and rebellion.

the slow pace of the body that skin is by alibi factory (PG-13, House/Wilson)
the lone and level sands.

Symptomatic by apple pi (NC-17, House/Wilson)
"I'm not nearly as pretty as Julie," House said afterward.

Too Long at the Fair by apple pi (R, House/Wilson)
Wilson was in House's tub.

The Day After Yesterday by basingstoke (NC-17, House/Wilson)
So yesterday, Dr. Wilson met Dr. House.

Dissonance by bironic (PG-13, Wilson/Julie)
It's the silence that gets them in the end.

Notes Toward a Story That Will Never Be Told by Charlotte (R, Wilson/Cameron)
This is how it goes.

The Last by dark alaida (PG, House/Stacy)
His favorite chair is by the window. Stacy knows this, so she put it by the kitchen door.

Singapore by thedeadparrot (NC-17, House/Wilson)
In which the boys go to a medical conference in Singapore, House has a few surprises up his sleeve, and Wilson figures some things out.

Five Ways Dr. James Wilson Didn't Cheat on His Wife by Djinn (PG-13, Wilson/Stacy, Wilson/Cuddy, Wilson/Chase, Wilson/Cameron, Wilson/House)
Five shorts tales of affairs that might have been.

Marking by Djinn (R, Wilson/House/Stacy)
"I'm going home." He says, flatly. "If you like him, bring him with us."

Catch and Release by Eos (PG-13, House/Wilson)
"Steve's going to need you to give him love and support and make sure he doesn't end up strung out and homeless like rats from bad families do."

Lost Causes, 2, 3 by Eos (PG-13, House/Wilson)
Their friendship was stupid and screwed up. It worked only because they were both obviously borderline masochistic.

Matchmakers by Eos (PG-13, House/Wilson)
The entire staff of PPTH seems determined to get Wilson laid. They succeed...just not quite the way any of them had expected.

Reverse Psychology by Eos (PG-13, House/Wilson)
House isn't quite the devious mastermind he thinks he is. Turns out, neither is Chase. But Wilson already knew this.

When the Fat Lady Sings by Eos (PG-13, House/Wilson)
Some things just can't be rushed.

Jungian by Esse (PG, House/Wilson)
It's a little like life-affirming sex, a little like Dances with Wolves, a little like Freud, and a lot like friendship.

one hundred steps by eudaimon (PG, Gen - House)
It is one hundred steps to his office door and he has taken twenty, maybe twenty five.

Decorative Napkins (Oh, Darling) by finding jay (PG-13, House/Wilson)
Moments in time that mostly refer around a bed but venture outdoors.

In the beginning by gena fisher (PG, House/Wilson)
New doctor, James Wilson, meets a man who will change his life.

Somehow We Met by flying squirrel (PG-13, House/Wilson)
"And most importantly," he says slowly, pausing for emphasis until his group of nervous residents are all looking up at him expectantly, "don't ever interrupt 'General Hospital'."

An Object in Motion by greensilver (PG, House/Wilson, Wilson/Julie)
Everything changes; everything stays the same.

Three Marriages, One Guitar by greensilver (PG, Gen - Wilson)
She left a lot of her stuff behind in her haste to be rid of him, including an old acoustic guitar with a slightly warped neck.

Nocturne in Grey and Gold by ignipes (PG-13, House/Wilson)
A piano, a motorbike, a river, a few telephone calls, fifty cents gone for good, and one late-night conversation about the lies our forefathers told us.

Real Estate by ignipes (PG, House/Wilson)
Two men, an empty house, a bottle of wine, and a remote-control fireplace.

A Differential Diagnosis for Green Silk by Isagel (NC-17, House/Wilson)
House examines his reactions to a certain green tie.

Knot by Kass (NC-17, House/Wilson/Cuddy)
House and Wilson and Cuddy have a more interesting evening than they anticipated.

The Color Code by Layton Colt (PG-13, House/Wilson)
House finds it endlessly amusing that he's had thirty-two sexual harassment suits filed against him, and Wilson, who was sleeping his way through the entire hospital staff, has never had one complaint lodged against him about anything at all.

Lesser Expectations by Jayne Leitch (G, Gen - Wilson, Cameron)
It wasn't a conscious choice one way or the other. Not in the beginning, anyway.

Nine to Five by March Hare (PG, House/Wilson)
Enneagrams, pedigrees, drowning analogies, beef-and-tomato-stew, and pushing people's buttons.

The A-Z of House by Mer (PG, Gen - cast)
26 little bits of House.

Defensive Strategies by Milkshake Butterfly (R, House/Wilson)
In which Wilson has a problem & House has a cunning plan.

Trivial Pursuits by Milkshake Butterfly (NC-17, House/Wilson)
Because relationships are all about asking those important questions.

Balances by Milkshake Butterfly (NC-17, House/Wilson)
In which Wilson has a bad day & House helps make it better.

Hydrotherapy by Michelle Christian (NC-17, House/Wilson)
This tub is actually big for the two of us.

By the Book by MK (PG, Gen - House, Wilson)
"I don't bore you, you don't bore me."

the biggest lie by mojokitten (PG-13, House/Cameron)
The sex is isolating. An absence of intimacy. He imagines saying this to her tomorrow without irony, an absence of intimacy.

Tracking Time by Namaste (PG, Gen - cast)
A year-by-year look at House and Wilson's friendship from their meeting to the present day.

Some By Virtue Fall by Nestra (NC-17, House/Wilson)
"But experience had taught him that nothing lasted forever, especially nothing good."

Play to Win by Nichole (PG-13, House/Wilson)
As it turns out, Wilson really likes motorbikes. House likes that he does.

Playing for Position by npkedit (PG, Gen - Chase)
Just how did Chase manage to make it where no other fellow had gone before.

Not Quite Kosher by nutmeg4077 (R, House/Wilson)
K is for kaboom, an exclamation representing an explosive sound or event. Like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

All the Effects of Intoxication by Otter (PG-13, House/Wilson)
House is supposed to be a bit of a genius, but he doesn't realize until he's almost home that Wilson has just broken up with him.

Leave This Harbor For The Sea by Otter (PG-13, House/Wilson)
House was never the kind of friend who'd help you move, even when he'd had two good legs, not to mention two good arms perfectly capable of lifting boxes.

No Exchange of Payment by Otter (PG-13, House/Wilson)
Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

A Momentary Lapse of Reason by Otter (PG-13, House/Wilson)
The hell of it is, House actually likes Julie, at least as much as he likes anybody, which is to say that he finds her tolerable.

Only Human by Peak in Darien (PG-13, House/Wilson)
It’s a beautiful thing, Wilson is thinking.

Transposition by pocky_slash (R, Wilson/everyone, House/Wilson)
He wasn't quite sure what fuelled his desire to fuck his way through the hospital staff. It didn't help that he wasn't willing to look too closely at the fact that he only did it when he knew House would notice.

Deriving the Prime by Pru (NC-17, House/Wilson/Cuddy)
Two is the wrong prime number.

Observations by Pru (PG, House/Wilson)
"It's part of his secret plan never to have to give me back my DVD player."

The Fine and Subtle Art of Cardiology by Pru (R, House/Wilson)
"Oh, God," House whines. "Are you really going to make me ask you?"

Denial by Pun (R, House/Wilson)
An unexpected encounter with Wilson leaves House reeling.

Maryland by shalott (R, House/Wilson)
What's so great about Maryland?

Pathogenesis and Intervention by shalott (NC-17, House/Wilson)
Drawing connections.

Futures by shalott (PG, House/Wilson)
A financial contract obligating the buyer to purchase an asset at a predetermined future date and price.

Friday Night by shalott (PG-13, House/Wilson)
Wilson's easy.

Distancing by shalott (NC-17, House/Wilson)
For now, House is fine with enjoying the view.

The Meaning of Marriage by Gigi Sinclair (PG-13, House/Wilson)
House develops new empathy for Wilson's ex-wives.

True Love and Other Catastrophes by stickmarionette (PG-13, House/Wilson, House/Cameron)
Cameron's in love, House appears to be conducting an experiment in relationships, and Wilson doesn't understand.

Blow The Candles Out by Syal (R, House/Wilson)
Third time wasn't the charm. This time he knows there's not going to be a fourth.

Four Blocks South of Eden by Syal (R, House/Wilson)
If you wanted paradise, you're a little off.

Safe From Harm, 2 by Maya Tawi (PG-13, Gen - cast)
Someone's killing one of House's patients, and solving the medical mystery could put his own life in danger.

This Habit by Topaz Eyes (NC-17, House/Wilson)
There is only one habit worse than Vicodin.

Fireworks by treacle-a (NC-17, House/Cameron)
In the end, it doesn't happen the way she imagines.

Idiopathic by versinae (R, House/Wilson)
Wilson has a "how'd that happen?" moment.

Falling by versinae (NC-17, House/Wilson)
If this is falling, then don't pick me up.

Three Hires by Sam Vimes (PG, Gen - cast)
The hiring of the Ducklings, through Chase's point of view.

Unknown by Sam Vimes (PG, House/Gibbs, x-over with NCIS)
Wilson reached into his pocket and pulled out a white sailor's hat.

Forever Blowing Bubbles by violet-quill (PG-13, House/Wilson)
By lunchtime, nearly everyone in the hospital knew that Jimmy Donovan was a patient at PPTH.

How Much Salt by voleuse (R, Wilson/Cameron)
A movement peculiar to my days.

Sweet and Parched by voleuse (NC-17, Chase/Cameron)
It was a bad idea from the very beginning. That doesn't mean she regrets it.

Insomnia by wanderingwidget (R, House/Wilson)
Wilson’s a light sleeper and he can’t sleep until House does.

Swallowing Smoke by wanderingwidget (R, House/Wilson)
for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

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