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Grey's Anatomy

The Fifty-Point Scrabble Bonus by Amy (NC-17, Cristina/Izzie)
Just play a game with her. You'll see.

comfort by gespawcho (PG, Meredith, Alex)
That was part of the unofficial deal between them.

New! break-up sex is not a new concept by green-bottles (PG-13, Ellis/Richard)
Broken hearts club membership rights are suspended.

Beautiful Disaster by kashmir1 (PG-13, Alex/Izzie)
Alex somehow ends up being the one to take care of Izzie.

One Thing That Didn't Happen at Seattle Grace the Time Everyone Almost Blew Up by Anna Kovsky (PG, Bailey/George)
George insists that he be the one to tell Dr. Bailey about her husband.

New! Tacky by lips-like-candy (PG-13, Alex/Meredith)
It’s grown to be her favorite word, the only word that really has any affect on her at all.

The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions by pirateygoodness (PG, Gen - cast)
George just wanted to do something nice.

Fuck the Details by Signe (R, Gen - cast)
George hasn't yet decided where he's going to seduce Meredith.

New! Heartbeat Skip, Sudden Slip by slybrunette (PG-13, Alex/Izzie)
These are the things you can never forget: that recipe of your mom's, the exact shade of that dress, and the spot along the curve of your hips where his hand used to rest.

How Not To Deal by slybrunette (PG-13, Alex/Izzie)
Poor Izzie, that’s what everyone was thinking.

Make Me Smile by slybrunette (PG-13, Meredith, Alex)
Meredith has stuff to get off her chest.

Time Clock of the Heart by yahtzee63 (PG, Denny/Izzie)
This is how Denny knows that what he feels for her isn't just a last grab at life, a dying man's attempt to steal a heart to make up for the one that's failing him.

O'Malley's Anatomy by zahra (PG, Gen - George)
Sometimes, George feels like he's just a bit player on a TV show called "Meredith Grey's Life".

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