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From Eroica With Love

Never Too Late by Terri Botta (NC-17, Dorian/Klaus)
"Remind me to stop doing this type of thing for you, Major. I'm getting too old for it."

Caged Flight: Le Coq d’Or by BT (NC-17, Dorian/Klaus)
Dorian, seldom at a conversational loss, had to consider carefully how to handle unadorned truth.

Caged Flight: The Nightingale and not the Lark by BT (NC-17, Dorian/Klaus)
It would be a grave mistake to underestimate the Earl’s capacity for causing trouble.

Cantiques de Noël by BT (NC-17, Dorian/Klaus)
There was nothing that he was required to do, no one who needed him or even wanted his presence.

A Modern Morality Tale by Cerise and Vardek (NC-17, Dorian/Klaus)
However he felt now that they had asked one thing too much, gone that step too far.

Goodwill To All Men by Karen Colohan (NC-17, Dorian/Klaus)
The request had been phrased in such a way that it was very clear that lack of co-operation on his part was not an option.

Brother of the Sun, Brother of the Moon by K. L. Fidelius and Countess Grey (NC-17, Dorian/Klaus)
“Well? What do you want me to do? Help him steal it?”

Evening Star by Filigree (NC-17, Dorian/Klaus)
"Haven't we been here long enough to settle your bet, Herr Gloria?"

Calamity is Virtue’s Opportunity by Sandy K. Herrold (NC-17, Dorian/Klaus)
My hero, saving me in the nick of time, so that he can abuse me himself.

Moonlight Shadow by Joram (NC-17, Dorian/Klaus)
Nothing much mattered these days. Not since Klaus von Eberbach had died.

Spring Fever by Kadorienne (R, Dorian/Klaus)
Klaus makes Dorian an offer he can't refuse.

New! The Beat That My Heart Skipped (Sounded Like This) by Livia (PG-13, Dorian/Klaus)
"You'd think a queer like you wouldn't care to use blackmail as much as you do," Klaus remarked.

Angel by Kay Reynolds (R, Dorian/Klaus)
Our heroes must escape from a Third World prison.

By Any Other Name by Kay Reynolds (NC-17, Dorian/Klaus)
Our heroes face their pasts... and their future.

Favor for a Friend by Sleeps with Coyotes (G, implied Dorian/Klaus, x-over with X-Files)
Klaus meets with a new contact for information and learns a few things.

Peripeteia by Sylvia (NC-17, Dorian/Klaus)
Peripeteia: sudden change of fortunes; in drama, the climax and turning point of a tragedy, leading into the catastrophe; also used for other narrative forms.

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