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Brought to Heel by Ana (PG-13, Mal/Jayne)
Jayne's past comes up.

Concord by Ana (R, Mal/Jayne)
Jayne has a powerful brain.

Finished by Ana (R, Mal/Jayne)
Jayne's never been real good with people.

Smoke on the Horizon by Ana (NC-17, Mal/Jayne)
It just ain't right.

Milk Run by Kate Bolin (PG-13, Zoe/Wash)
Mal makes a deal. Zoe takes a bath. These two things are surprisingly related.

Shivering by Tam Cranver (PG-13, Zoe/Wash)
Shortly after "War Stories," Wash is still having trouble dealing with what happened. Zoe helps.

She Walks In Beauty by defender82 (R, Zoe/Wash)
Wash is planning to propose to Zoe, just as soon as he gets her alone. Mal is aiming to see that he doesn't get the opportunity.

Aftermath by inalasahl (NC-17, Mal/Jayne)
Jayne needs help to adjust.

Some kind of hero by jazzfic (PG, Zoe/Wash)
She never saw this one coming.

Trust by Jae Kayelle (G, Mal/Jayne)
Sometimes it's the little things that mean the most.

An Angry Blade by Kira (R, Mal/Jayne)
Jayne knows how it goes. One day he’ll be clever enough to find some better muscle and Jayne’ll be out.

Embracing a Life of Crime by Macha (PG-13, Zoe/Wash)
"Slight problem with the negotiations."

To See the Best by Moonloon (R, Zoe/Wash)
Zoe's side of the story.

The Rules of Engagement by Moonloon (R, Mal/Jayne)
There are four rules for Jayne and Mal. And some of them involve nudity.

Camp As a Row of Little Pink Tents by Mosca (NC-17, Mal/Jayne)
It's the biggest sly festival on the Rim, and Mal and Jayne have some drugs to smuggle.

Different For Girls by Mosca (R, Zoe/Wash)
Zoe teaches Kaylee how to tie stronger knots.

Shone a Light and Called It a Star by Mosca (NC-17, Mal/Jayne)
Jayne's mind ain't been settled since they left Miranda, and this thing with Mal ain't helping matters.

Something in Leather by Mosca (R, Zoe/Wash)
Wash has a thing for leather. And for Zoe. And for Zoe in leather.

Love is a fool star by Victoria P (NC-17, Mal/Inara, Mal/Jayne, Mal/Kaylee, Mal/Zoe, Mal/River)
Five ways Malcolm Reynolds didn't have sex with members of his crew.

Tending to Grace by Victoria P (PG-13, Simon/River)
Simon finds the second time he leaves his whole life behind easier than the first.

If All the World by Philomel (PG-13, Zoe/Wash)
He was just ... Too irreverent, too glib, too compassionate, too...

Cupid by Samantha (PG, implied Zoe/Wash)
Jayne couldn't quite remember who came up with this idea, but it was a good one.

Orange Plaid by Gigi Sinclair (R, Mal/Jayne)
Jayne tries to figure out what kind of guy Mal is.

Vignettes by skripka (R, Zoe/Wash)
Scenes from a couple's story.

Collisions by somedeepmystery (NC-17, Zoe/Wash)
Zoe finds the pilot increasingly bothersome.

Comfort by somedeepmystery (R, Zoe/Wash)
It's hard to find a moment when your life is your job.

Sock Thief by Van Donovan (PG-13, Zoe/Wash)
“You’ve got adorable little lamby-toes.”

Took the Sky by Van Donovan (PG, Mal/Jayne)
Tragedy and change has hounded Mal.

Like Breathing by velvetandlace (PG, Zoe/Wash)
"Zoe couldn't pinpoint the exact moment when Wash stopped being irritating and became endearing."

Simply Perfectest by Voleuse (PG-13, Zoe/Wash)
My love, though silly, is more brave.

With Their Eyelids Shut by Voleuse (PG-13, Zoe/Wash)
They hide in pairs.

Helpyourselfish by Ximeria (R, Mal/Jayne)
A capt'n has to have a good sense of foresight.

A Roll in the Hay by Ximeria (NC-17, Mal/Jayne)
Sometimes people surprise you.

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