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Doctor Who

Old Things Made New (Something Extra Remix) by Kate Andrews (R, Rose/Jack)
Let vortices be vortices and shopgirls be shopgirls.

New! fear of the dark by Aria (PG-13, Doctor/Master)
The Doctor's not much good with misplaced things, but he is good with mysteries.

New! Metronome by calapine (G, Donna, Ten)
In the quiet spaces inbetween, the Ood are singing.

The Way Through the Woods by Doyle (PG, Nine/Rose/Jack)
Jack upsets the equilibrium, if it ever existed.

Curiosity by FearlessDiva (PG-13, Gen - cast)
"Rose Tyler, are you trying to ask if my naughty bits are the same as a human's?"

A Little While by krabapple (NC-17, Ten/Remus, x-over with Harry Potter)
The TARDIS lands in 1997 Ottery St. Catchpole. Saving the world, or at least Harry Potter, ensues.

Planned Obsolescence by Miggy (PG-13, Gen - Jack)
Jack takes any means necessary to save himself. Slap him on the ass and call him a Slytherin.

New! Break Us Apart, Bring Us Together by nekare (R, Martha/Ten)
Get stranded in time, get a flat, get strange looks from the neighbors, get a job, get a life in a decade she’d only seen on the telly before.

The Beautiful Simplicity Of Motion by nostalgia_lj (R, Ten/Jack)
Jack loves people who want him.

Want by nostalgia_lj (R, Ten/Rose, Ten/Everyone)
And then there's the body. The body and the fact that when he flirts with people, he's suddenly a lot more open to delivering on the promise.

Doors by Tara LJC O'Shea (PG, Gen - Ten)
It was just a room, filled with clothes and furniture and souvenirs from a hundred worlds and times.

Human Activities by sheldrake (G, Gen - cast)
In order to study an ecosystem it is necessary to consider the way in which organisms interact with each other within the ecosystem.

Sittin' in the Dirt by Voleuse (PG, Gen - Mickey)
You're angry that I can't love the ocean.

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