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Chronicles of Narnia

Four Quarters by aishuu (PG, Gen - cast)
They fought for Narnia, and return to Narnia's loving grasp.

Always Spring and Never Summer (Once a King, Always, Immortal Remix) by Aldalindil (PG-13, Gen - cast)
Once a king or queen in Narnia, always, forever. They never thought it would be like this, and they will never be the same.

Little by Little by chaos pockets (PG-13, Gen - Lucy)
Because Lucy can be practical, and always saw more than anyone else, and more than she wanted to.

alone by eponis (PG, Gen - Susan)
The young man who sits down beside Susan on the bus has the face of Rabadash.

Went Forth Unconquered by Gisho (PG-13, Gen - Susan)
She only put the memories aside, because they were of no further use to her.

New! and sometimes you hear the silence speak by Lassiter (PG-13, Edmund, Susan)
Edmund and Susan go to Calormen to collect magic. "We are doing this for Narnia, sister, and nothing else."

The Nature of Time by Ria (PG, Gen - cast)
Birthdays are never quite the same when they've already been celebrated as kings and queens, but the Pevensies soon manage to adjust. Somewhat.

Growing Up by sheldrake (PG, Gen - Susan, Lucy)
Susan grew up, and when she got there she discovered with surprise that that isn't the end of things.

Knock On All Doors And Enter Nowhere by Signe (G, Gen - cast)
Peter understands, Edmund learns, Lucy has faith and Susan doesn't.

Delight by Sloane (PG-13, Gen - Edmund)
Everyone is reassured that winter is progressing, that soon it will be over.

Too Young, Too Old by vongroovy (PG-13, Edmund/Caspian)
Edmund on the Dawn Treader, and growing up again.

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