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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Big Exit by amerella (NC-17, Spike/Angel)
Once again, the world doesn't end. Sometimes he wonders if it ever will.

Coming Home by dismount (R, Spike/Angel)
Why the need to erase everything these hands have ever done, to cleanse the blood from them with his own?

On The Rocks by frim fram (NC-17, Spike/Angel)
In Atlanta, Georgia, Spike finally stops to pick the dragon-scales out of his soles.

Seeing Africa by huzzlewhat (PG, Gen - Xander)
Traveling through Africa in search of Slayers. Some things you leave behind, and some things you carry with you.

Back in Your Bed by Jenny-O (NC-17, Spike/Angelus)
Angelus comes to Sunnydale and finds Spike, beer, and the hood of his car.

One Time Thing by Killa (NC-17, Spike/Angel)
Angel and Spike drown their sorrows, with predictable results.

Fanged Four Fairytales by Kita (NC-17, Spike/Angelus/Darla/Drusilla)
Captured for his keeping.

Manus by Kita (PG-13, Spike/Angel)
Angel wonders what Spike dreams. What colors paint the insides of his eyes. If he kisses Slayers or kills them.

Second Hand by Kita (R, Spike/Conner)
Because they're dead, but Connor is alive.

Ménage by Lynne (NC-17, Spike/Angelus/Drusilla)
“Look like your boy’s coming ’round, Dru.”

New! Vicarious by Lynne (NC-17, Spike/Angel)
Spike and Angel share their memories of Buffy. In bed.

Tomb of the Unknowns by Sophia Prester (PG, Gen - Xander)
There were too many people in this town who only had an unmussed bed or an empty chair, and no explanations.

Horizontal Movement by shrift (NC-17, Spike/Angel)
In which Angel and Spike get drunk and screw.

Absence by violethamster (PG-13, Spike/Angelus)
He'd forgotten how fucking tedious it was waiting for the parents to get home.

Quiet Familiars by Violetsmiles (PG-13, Spike/Angel)
"Thought you didn't want me around."

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