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Brokeback Mountain

A Various Language by Destina (NC-17, Ennis/Jack)
They settled on some land thirty miles outside of Parcifal, Montana, in view of the mountains that reminded them of Brokeback.

What the Hell is Normal, Anyway by ilysah (NC-17, Ennis/Jack)
Twenty years of pain and tears had to stop somewhere.

When the Snow Didn't Come by Jenny (NC-17, Ennis/Jack)
Aguirre rode up, said the storm had moved east, no need to move them down.

Better Than Never by Mosh (R, Ennis/Jack)
It was like they were winding round in circles all the damn time - and no doubt would forever more - coming to no end, just a certain kind of limbo.

Countless Times by Mosh (R, Ennis/Jack)
The thing about Jack was that he didn't know when to shut up.

The Threat of Snow by nakymaton (NC-17, Ennis/Jack)
The first snow came on August 13, and that was too damn early, at least as far as Jack was concerned.

Things Unsaid by neuontz (R, Ennis/Jack)
"So, what's it feel like?" Ennis said, after watching for a time.

Fool’s Gold by Frayach Ni Cuill (NC-17, Ennis/Jack)
It’s the first Christmas after Ennis’s divorce and he’s got an idea that this year things might be different.

A Casual Match, 2 by Frayach Ni Cuill (NC-17, Ennis/Jack)
Years of long-distances and longing are taking their toll. It’s their second-to-last trip together, but Jack is nowhere near able to quit Ennis.

Diastole by oddcellist (PG-13, Ennis/Jack)
Ennis, on rest.

Cabin Fever by pairofdeuces (NC-17, Ennis/Jack)
What did happen at Don Wroe's cabin where they had such a good time that year?

Recompense by Rave (R, Ennis/Jack)
Which makes a better punishment--the punch or the kiss?

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