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Trespassing by Azurine (PG, Bruce/Dick)
Alfred isn't there, so there's nowhere else to go but to Bruce.

Not A Heart, Beating by Brighid (R, Bruce/Dick)
When there is disunity within the self, what comfort is there to be had?

Hanging Work by Cereta (PG - NC-17, Bruce/Dick)
A pair of circus tickets go unused, and a little boy slips through the cracks. Take it from there.

Seizin by Elynross (NC-17, Bruce/Dick)
Rooted in the Roman concept that whoever worked the land should be its owner.

Apart from what we wish and what we fear by Elynross (NC-17, Bruce/Dick)
Dick Grayson is at a crossroads, and there's something he needs to know.

A Path into the Shadow Land by Fortuita (PG-13, Bruce/Dick)
Dick was not exactly a qualified nurse, but he knew an awful lot about bullet wounds.

Eyes in a moon of blindness by harriet_spy (R, Bruce/Dick)
They had gone over this ground a hundred times before, and it was hard to see at first what difference the actual touch made.

Make The Bed That You Were Born In by Maelithil (NC-17, Bruce/Dick)
Supervillains made us do it! With sex pollen!

Can't just watch forever by Petra (NC-17, Tim/Dick)
Brotherly love of the best and most understanding sort involves knowing when someone needs a good push in the right direction.

The secret of durable pigments by Petra (NC-17, Bruce/Dick)
There are rules about this in Bruce's head, just as there are rules for everything.

Prophetic sonnets by Petra (NC-17, Bruce/Dick)
This is an excellent way to convince someone to lie to you.

Aurochs and angels by Petra (NC-17, Bruce/Dick)
They say early exposure to a stimulus is what creates a fetish.

The refuge of art by Petra (PG-13, Bruce/Dick)
Dick is leaving. He can't leave, and he has to leave, and he's not going anywhere, yet.

Liminal spaces by Petra (NC-17, Bruce/Dick)
And despite a few minor inconveniences, they were all quite content.

Cockles by Petra (PG-13, implied Bruce/Dick)
Malone winks at Dick. "Let me be your sugar daddy for a minute, kiddo."

Gotham City Serenade by The Rhipodon Society (PG, Bruce/Dick)
If they had found some way to capture one of Batman's associates ... most would view that as an opportunity too rich to pass up.

Seven Night by Jane St Clair (NC-17, Bruce/Dick)
Bruce still wanders the house. Dick wonders who he's looking for.

Enough by Te (PG-13, Bruce/Dick)
Dick's had years to know just how many different kinds of 'bad night' there can be.

Routine by Te (NC-17, implied Bruce/Dick)
Dick already knows what he needs to.

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