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Weiß Kreuz

Easy Walking by emungere (NC-17, Aya/Yohji)
After Weiss breaks up, Yohji decides to find Aya and spend Christmas with him.

Unstained by Eleanor K (NC-17, Aya/Yohji)
Tentacles, bondage, and angst, oh my!

A Price For Madness by PL Nunn (NC-17, Aya/Yohji)
Aya freaks during a mission after the trauma of what happened in violation.

Bloodstained Illusions by PL Nunn (NC-17, Aya/Yohji)
An erotic prelude to something darker and bloodier, concerning the lengths Yohji will go to give Aya closure.

The Art of Overcoming Obstacles by PL Nunn (NC-17, Aya/Yohji)
Aya comes back tired and sore from a mission and wants nothing more than sleep. Yoji has other ideas.

Mercy by PL Nunn (NC-17, Aya/Yohji)
Yoji makes a judgement call during a mission which puts he and Aya at odds.

Leaving School by PL Nunn (NC-17, Aya/Yohji)
Aya gets disturbing news from Aya-chan and plans violent things. Yoji tries to distract him.

Winter by PL Nunn (NC-17, Aya/Yohji)
A little wintry diversion.

Bound and Determined by supacat (R, Aya/Yohji)
Every now and again a mission came along that suited him perfectly.

The Kid's Dangerous, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 by Utopian Trunks (NC-17, Ken/Yohji, Aya/Yohji)
Sharing's harder than you'd think.

Girl by Viridian5 and Maya Tawi (NC-17, Aya/Yohji)
Aya’s changing...

Craving, Curiousity, Next Time by wedjateye (PG-13 - NC-17, Aya/Yohji)
“Aya, what’ll it take for you to give me a chance?”

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