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Alexander the Great

The Gift by 3scoremiles_10 (PG, implied Alexander/Hephaistion)
Aristotle catches Alexandros up past his bedtime.

Philalexandreia by Arysteia (PG-13, Alexander/Hephaistion)
Philip looks for Alexander's weakness.

Bright Glories shall Unfold by Daegar (PG, Alexander/Hephaistion)
At dawn in Troy, Hephaistion wins the contest that matters.

Out of the Pressing Crowd by Destina (PG-13, Alexander/Hephaistion)
While Alexander is Regent at Pella, he still finds time for Hephaistion.

All Those Endearing Young Charms by Devil Doll (R, Alexander/Hephaistion)
Both Alexander and Hephaistion have grown and aged, but the boy general will always be the standard.

Like Mars Himself by Devil Doll (R, Alexander/Hephaistion)
The very first time, Hephaistion knew it was no accident, no impulsive act to be regretted later.

Early Light by Louise Lux (R, Alexander/Hephaistion)
In Mieza, a secret is revealed to Alexander.

Neither Half Nor Whole by Maelithil (R, Alexander/Hephaistion)
A story at bedtime, set during Alexander's stay in Mieza.

Where Fear Was Killed by Maelithil (R, Alexander/Hephaistion)
A shared moment after the battle of Cheironeia.

At Dawn by Ociwen (R, Alexander/Hephaistion)
A talk in Babylon.

Prophthasia by Ociwen (NC-17, Alexander/Hephaistion)
At the oracle of Amun in Siwah, Hephaestion comes upon something in the hot sands.

The Bridle and the Rudder, Too by Victoria P (PG-13, Alexander/Hephaistion)
Hephaistion has become good at being whatever Alexander wants him to be, whenever he wants him to be it.

Legend by pseudy (R, Alexander/Hephaistion)
Alexander and Hephaistion attempt to close the rift that has opened between them.

The Dark by pseudy (PG-13, Alexander/Hephaistion)
At Zadrakarta, Hephaistion is still battling his insecurities.

Monuments by Queenie (PG-13, Alexander/Hephaistion)
"What better way to honour you?"

Hamartia by Tosca (PG, Alexander/Hephaistion)
After his fight with Eumenes and Alexander's public demand the two stop their enmity or be charged with treason, Hephaistion finds it difficult to reconcile pride and love.

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