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Fairy Tales by AndreaLyn (PG-13, Jack/Ianto)
“Who is he?” It’s not a question that surprises Ianto, not at this point.

New! What Seems Like Surrender by Annie (R, Jack/Ianto)
Jack’s return, and what really matters.

New! Old Ghosts by Audra Rose (PG, Jack/Ianto)
"Scotland's full of ghosts. Crawling with them."

One Safe Place by autumn whispers (PG-13, Jack/Gwen)
Ed Morgan’s blood is hot and slick once again; she sees it on her hands long after Jack washes it away.

Starring Mr. Ianto Jones As Himself by Basingstoke (R, Jack/Ianto)
"Jack." Tosh sounded choked. "You're naked."

The Quick and the Dead by calapine (PG-13, Jack/Suzie, Jack/Ianto)
Some days Jack likes to think he's in love with Suzie Costello.

5 Times Technology Has Endangered Torchwood. by Corona (R, Gen - cast)
Fiddling with alien technology is bad.

Things We're Not Supposed To Do by Corona (PG-13, Jack/Ianto)
Telekinesis is not to be used for obscene purposes.

A Hand in a Jar by cosmic (PG, Gen - Jack)
The only thing Jack has of any value, sentimental or otherwise, is a hand in a jar.

Push by crabby_lioness (PG, Jack/Ianto)
He knew how to make Jack efficient, productive, and on time.

New! Nemo Me Impune Lacessit by Derry (R, Jack/Ianto)
"You let Ianto fall into the Rift," Jack said, with a level of strained calm that had Owen edging towards the door. "Alright." He took a deep breath. "But you should know that nobody sleeps until we find him. And I'm probably going to fire you all."

New! Pobol y Ffaglcoedwig by Derry (NC-17, Jack/Ianto)
And the solution to keeping Jack distracted and away from Lisa turned out to be painfully obvious.

Picking Up What's Left by dizzydame (PG-13, Jack/Ianto)
"You need a real bed and I just happen to have one I'm not using."

Jokes I May Have Misremembered by Fahye (R, Gen - Jack)
The faint outline of the TARDIS is still in the air when Jack starts running through reactions in his head, trying each one on for size and then discarding it.

Paramagnetic by Fahye (PG-13, Gen - cast)
"This is the one job you can never quit."

Tomorrow by flecalicious (PG-13, Gwen/Owen)
They’re brought back to earth and what could be called sanity by the startling and echoing bang of something being dropped.

Thumos by frostfire (PG-13, Jack/Ianto)
Maybe he should look into making some friends. Meanwhile, he has a butler.

Hate Can Pardon by Mara G (PG, Jack/Ianto)
"Why did you kiss me?"

Broader than the Flood by Giddy Geek (NC-17, Jack/Ianto)
It's Owen tending Ianto after a run-in with weevils that does Jack in, eventually.

Sun in the Sky by Giddy Geek (R, Jack/Ianto)
Ianto's subconscious used to be more subtle.

New! The Stars From the Ground by Giddy Geek (PG, Jack/Ianto)
"But how are we going to avoid ourselves if we're the Hub?"

Drowning on display by Hecate (R, Jack/Ianto)
They’re both suicidal in their own way.

Angels in the Architecture by ignipes (PG, Gen - Tosh)
Sometimes she thinks she can still hear them, even after the pendant is gone.

Go On the Useless Presents by ignipes (PG-13, Jack/Ianto)
"It's not often I get to see you in this position. You're always so insistent about taking charge...."

Lost and Found by kaneko (PG, Jack/Ianto)
Straddled over the rift, the Hub was a place where things were lost and found.

Glass by kiwi from hell (NC-17, Jack/Ianto)
The Torchwood Institue has always reminded Ianto of glass. It's physics and sex.

Choice by Tora Kowalski (R, Jack/Ianto)
“Lisa wasn’t your last kiss.”

Four Things Jack Harkness Taught Ianto Jones (And One Thing He Didn’t Have To) by Lady Paperclip (PG-13, Jack/Ianto)
Ianto’s first lessons while working for Jack.

Like Stitches In The Scar by Lady Paperclip (PG-13, Jack/Ianto)
But without the melodrama there’s a whole lot of melancholy and that’s much, much less fun.

Four Stories Jack Harkness Doesn't Tell in Bed (and One He Does) by lightgetsin (R, Jack/Ianto)
Have you ever loved someone that much?

Shiny Prize by lightgetsin (PG-13, Jack/Ianto, Jack/Doctor)
“Are you a doctor or something?” Gwen asked suddenly.

The Night Is Darker Now by lonelywalker (R, Jack/Ianto)
There's nothing erotic about loneliness.

Quantum is a just fancy word for "hell if I know" by lyra wing (R, Jack/Ianto)
Ianto was usually the first to arrive and was always the last to leave.

Between the Shores by miss lucy jane (R, Jack/Ianto)
"Love changes you—for the better, if you're lucky—and I don't know if I can handle how you changed me."

Lovers In a Dangerous Time by miss lucy jane (NC-17, Jack/Ianto)
"I'm baring my soul and you're just thinking about the laundry."

Sir by miss lucy jane (R, Jack/Ianto)
It's not in his job description, after all: nowhere does it say, Make coffee, take out garbage, service Captain Jack.

Five Moments of Clarity: Ianto Jones by miss pamela (NC-17, Jack/Ianto)
The thing about working for Jack was, at some point, everyone had the realization, "Hey, my boss fancies me."

New! Five Moments of Clarity: Jack Harkness by miss pamela (PG-13, Jack/Ianto)
But it turned out that nobody was looking for Jack unless they wanted a favor, or a job, or worse, to fill out some obscure paperwork in the place of another useless bureaucrat who had been vaporized by a Dalek.

Untitled Porn by misspamela (NC-17, Jack/Ianto)
In Cardiff, he only has Ianto.

Scrapings by mllelaurel (R, Jack/Ianto)
There's just one mission left.

Four Ways Jack Harkness Is Every Bit The Monster Ianto Jones Said He Was, and One Way Ianto Might Be Worse by the moonmoth (PG-13, Jack/Ianto)
Four Ways Jack Harkness Is Every Bit The Monster Ianto Jones Said He Was, and One Way Ianto Might Be Worse.

Workout Routine by Mydeira (PG-13, Gen - Jack)
Gwen discovers something interesting one early morning at Torchwood.

Whiskey by notevery (NC-17, Jack/Ianto)
The coffee isn't very good, but the whiskey is.

All Things In Time by poisontaster (PG, Jack/Tosh)
Toshiko doesn't really know when she understood that there would be no rescue, no eleventh hour save.

Petit Mort by RainyD (R, Jack/Ianto)
Times change; Jack doesn't.

Wide Open Space by Rivier (PG, Gen - Ianto)
He watches Jack easing each finger loose, the way the skin sticks a little because, because... because there's blood: her blood, on his hands, on the floor around him.

Five Ways Ianto Jones Said Sorry by sage theory (PG, Gen - Ianto)
In a few years, maybe, the stains will start to come out.

Intent by scy (R, Jack/Ianto)
Ianto made the first move, but he isn't sure of the second.

Five Ways Jack Harkness Died And One He Didn't by seti-drd (PG-13, Jack)
The trip back to Earth, 2006, is bumpier than he thought.

To the End by sheldrake (PG, Jack/Estelle, Jack/Ianto)
He always means it at the time.

Aliens exist by Jane St Clair (PG, Jack/Ianto)
Because, really, Jack is all about performance.

New! Acceptable Risk by strangecreature (PG-13, Jack/Ianto)
It didn’t take long to figure out that Ianto was avoiding that one particular statement on purpose.

New! Five complaints that Ianto Jones has thought about registering concerning Torchwood (and one that he did) by strangecreature (R, Jack/Ianto)
The second week after his transfer to Torchwood Three, Ianto was still training himself not to flinch anytime that somebody called his name.

New! last round before closing by supacat (PG, Ianto, Jack)
It was two weeks since Jack had saved the world and killed Lisa. Ianto had spent them numbly waiting for the axe to drop.

Untitled by teaphile (PG, Gen - Ianto)
“Want to come grave-robbing?”

New! Scylla and Charybdis by troyswann (PG-13, Jack/Ianto)
It happens sometimes; there’s a bit of a jolt and suddenly the woman next to you is a guy you’ve never seen before.

New! Job Description by Sam Vimes (R, Ianto/Tosh, Ianto/Suzie, Ianto/Owen, Ianto/Gwen, Ianto/Jack)
"I can't tell if that's open-mindedness or prostitution." "I prefer to call it an unwritten line on the job description."

New! Naked by Sam Vimes (PG-13, Jack/Ianto)
Ianto thinks a lot about Jack's immortality.

You might have laughed if I told you by wildestranger (NC-17, Jack/Ianto)
It doesn't need to be good sex; it just needs to be somebody who isn't Jack.

Need by wordslinging (PG-13, Jack/Ianto)
It’s never meant to be love.

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