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A Little East of Normal by CCC (NC-17, Dean/Sam)
It might not be normal but it worked. Gay bars and all.

Vodka Confessions by Claire (PG-13, Dean/Jack, x-over with Doctor Who)
Dean goes for a much-needed drink and finds something else instead.

Straight Line by femmenerd (NC-17, Sam/OFC)
She’s the first woman Sam sleeps with after they kill the demon. It’s a new beginning for the Winchesters, and he has no idea what to do with himself.

credo ut intelligam by fryadvocate (PG-13, Dean/Sam)
Dean and language before and after Sam.

Vertigo from Falling by fryadvocate (PG-13, Gen - Dean)
It's not a metaphor for falling.

Lifting the Veil (Halloween in Gotham) by Kassie (PG-13, Gen - Sam, x-over with Batman)
Sam sees a blur and as he whips his head around, hand on the knife stuck in the back of his jeans, he sees what looks like the edge of a cape zip over the edge of a roof.

The Reason For Living Is To Get Ready To Stay Dead a Long Time by Kassie (NC-17, Dean/Sam)
“This is happening, Sammy, this is happening...”

Such Sweet Ruin by Lenore (NC-17, Dean/Sam)
A goddess who deals in temptation would have a field day with these two.

Factum Amoris by Lenore (NC-17, Dean/Sam)
A mystery to solve. Some sloppy incantation-making. It all leads to brotherly love.

Denial Ain’t Just A River In Egypt by lyra wing (R, Dean/Sam)
In which you learn why Dean never notices girls and in which Sam learns the meaning of “green with envy” – literally.

Untitled by Nix (NC-17, Dean/Sam)
Dean didn’t ask for his soul. Dean didn’t ask for anything.

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