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Stargate: Atlantis

Layover by Aithine (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
The day before it all began.

Close Encounters by amireal (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
"It's just a goddamned crush!"

No, Really by basingstoke (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay/Ronon/Teyla)
"No, you shut up! I'm not passing up my last chance to have sex before I die."

Bondsman by Casspeach (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
"I didn't get an unctor." John whined, and Rodney gave him a sympathetic and faintly pleased look.

Puzzle Pieces by coreopsis (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay/Ronon/Teyla)
Then Ronon was next to him, his big hands on John's shoulders, and Teyla was rubbing against Rodney with a cat-eyed smile.

Complicated by Danvers (PG-13, Sheppard/McKay)
"You know, if you end up getting some kind of ascended herpes, you've only got yourself to blame."

Smug Bastard by Danvers (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
John is jealous. Rodney is smug.

Under The Skin by Danvers (PG-13, Sheppard/McKay)
Today, it was all a big deal. Tomorrow he'd be normal again. But today his arm ached and the bruises felt livid.

Caffeinated by Frostfire (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
Rodney's addicted and John's a sex object.

Letting Go by Gaia (R, Sheppard/McKay)
Rodney is not convinced that Cadman is completely gone from his head. She’s clearly responsible for turning him gay.

Your Inevitable Unhappy Ending by Helenish (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
It was easy to imagine fucking Rodney, the way he'd groan and clutch at John's arms and be too bossy about the whole thing; it was easy to imagine the problems it could cause.

Wireless by HF (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
“Goodbye, Rodney,” John says impatiently, and then there’s that final, terrible click and Rodney’s cell phone makes the disappointed beep meant to indicate the connection’s been lost.

Be Cool by Hth (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
Never trust someone in the life sciences.

Double Occupancy by Isis (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
Being on the same planet with John Sheppard was aggravating enough, sometimes; being in the same body was an order of magnitude worse.

Don't Tell by jenn (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
And this is how you wake up married.

Like Running Through Water by jenn (PG-13, Sheppard/McKay)
As far as McKay was concerned, John was a really nifty remote control for Ancient toys. It would have been offensive if John had tried to be anything else.

Something More by jenn (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
He's out of practice with dealing with John, and it shows.

Six Weeks by justbreathe80 (R, Sheppard/McKay)
"Hey. Miss me?" Yeah, I've missed you since the day we came back to this stupid fucking planet and my whole life went to shit. I miss you so much I can't even think straight, he thought.

Intersections by Kaneko (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
"Rodney's Antarctica is a lot like Siberia in that it's full of scientists who work 16-hour days and bathe once a week (twice when they're feeling social)."

How Not To Make A Light Bulb by leah k (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
Sometimes it takes a couple tries to get things right.

Just as required, without excess by Livia (PG, Sheppard/McKay)
Rodney doesn't like surprises. He likes solutions, known quantities, the steadying embrace of routine.

Lost in Waiting by Lacey McBain (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
"You can’t have it both ways, Colonel. If you haven’t had any relationships, either you’re having the occasional one-night stand or you’re not having sex at all.”

Checklist by mercuriosity (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
John never sees it coming.

Background Noise by Miss Pamela (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay, Sheppard/OMC, Sheppard/OFC, McKay/OMC, McKay/OFC)
We've all got baggage.

Slavery is the Easy Part by Miss Pamela (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
"Oh, sure," Rodney waved his hand dismissively, "it was easily the most boring slave experience I've ever had."

Immovable Force by nel-ani (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
It was when he discovered he’d been working for eight hours without interruption that he realized something was wrong.

Such Is The Way To The Stars by Otter (PG-13, Sheppard/McKay)
Getting by in a world of finite resources. More or less.

The Gun Thing by out-there (PG, Sheppard/McKay)
John fondles, Rodney proves that he has no charm and then there's the gun thing.

Showboat by panisdead (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
"Yes, well, an informed observer is always better at spotting flaws in the technique," said Rodney, nodding sharply.

Bell Curve, or, Ladies Night at the Boom Boom Room by Pru (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
In his rational mind, Rodney knew that following a girl who'd just dumped you into a strip club was really, really pathetic.

Cartography of Touch by Pru (R, Sheppard/McKay)
John thinks Kate is like a diary with missing pages--running ink.

A Not-So-Modest Proposal by Reccea (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
"So we should get married before I'm speared to death by some alien with rudimentary weapons and statistically improbable aim."

Advantage by resonant (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
This slave-owner thing was a lot of responsibility.

Experiment by resonant (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
Rodney likes variety.

Kissing, part 2 by resonant (PG-13, Sheppard/McKay/Ronon/Teyla)
Think of it as a meditation on OT4 kissing.

Knowing by resonant (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
Rodney never stops talking, just the way John imagined.

The Speed of Light by resonant (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
A little quick thinking.

Oblivious by shalott (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
In which Rodney and John fail to pay attention.

Proof by Contradiction by shalott (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
What sucked most was the sinking feeling that McKay was handling the whole thing better than he was.

Time in a Bottle by shalott (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
He could relax and get down to the fun and games of kicking Rodney's ass for getting him into this, because clearly, however they'd ended up here was his fault somehow.

Touch by shalott (PG-13, Sheppard/McKay)
Rodney McKay was a cuddler.

Transcendental by shalott (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
"Okay, the command thing's not too bad from this side either."

By Any Other Name by Sori (R, Sheppard/McKay)
It'd become the background accompaniment to John's life, revving John up and settling him down and bringing him home.

Like A Long, Slow Nervous Breakdown by Speranza (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
To be fair, the first time it happened, he had a head wound.

MVP by Speranza (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
They think I'm valuable because I'm knowledgeable. They think he's valuable because he's disposable.

Restitution by stellahobbit (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
Everyone suffers from feelings of inadequacy at one point or another.

Storming Castle Anthrax by brighid e. stone (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
As good a time as any for a very pissed off John Sheppard to show up in his bathroom doorway.

A Supermarket in California by taffetablue (R, Sheppard/McKay)
John ends up refurbishing a supermarket two blocks from campus, and finds that this might be home. Completely AU.

Great Expectations by teand (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
"It happens to SG-1 all the time."

Solutions by Teaphile (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
The Wraith are gone, almost everybody is okay, the city is in tip-top condition, Rodney can’t sleep and Carson’s a big meanie who won’t drug him. John has a plan.

Pre-pre-mission Briefings in the Pegasus Galaxy by tigerlady (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay/Ronon/Teyla)
There are rituals that must be observed. Bonds must be forged. Team-building exercises to be carried out.

Count by toft_froggy (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
"Wait, you count our relationship from the first time we had sex in a bed?"

Adhere to Me by toomuchplor (PG-13, Sheppard/McKay)
“Jesus, what did Carson say to you?” John asked, stunned. “Did he tell you that you were about to get cancer or something?”

Revelations by trinityofone (NC-17, Sheppard/McKay)
AU. John is a priest and Rodney is sin.

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