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Queer As Folk UK

Protection by Alexis (NC-17, Stuart/Vince)
"I was wondering. Well, can I stay with you and Hazel?"

Almost Never Series by Cesare (PG - NC-17, Stuart/Vince)
From "Stuart's family moves to Manchester" to "Stuart and Vince trying to make a home together without settling down."

Colorado by Cesare (NC-17, Stuart/Vince)
Half two in the afternoon and they were still in bed.

Video by Cesare (NC-17, Stuart/Vince)
Vince tends to Stuart's flat in his absence, and comes across one of Stuart's homemade videos.

New! (This is the) Rhythm of the Night by exeterlinden (NC-17, Stuart/Vince)
Thursday night. They're in Babylon.

World's Biggest World, 2 by Mallory Klohn (NC-17, Stuart/Vince)
"Be sure to send a postcard," Vince called back. "You cunt."

I Like It Like That by Mallory Klohn (NC-17, Stuart/Vince)
Since the men he chose were increasingly demented as time wore on, his new approach was to wait to be chosen.

Detour by Margo (NC-17, Stuart/Vince)
The lads make up from a fight the only way they should.

Under Your Feet by mojokitten (R, Stuart/Vince)
Vince has four credit cards in his wallet, but two of them have expired, one is maxed out, and the other one isn’t even his.

You Won't But You Might by mojokitten (R, Stuart/Vince)
It's something to do with Stuart’s one-man mission to cop off with 26 guys in alphabetical order.

Whatever, Whenever by Pathos (NC-17, Stuart/Vince)
Umm...sort of public sex? Yup, definitely sex.

Mars Is by Rhipodon Society (PG-13, Stuart/Vince)
"This is why I always threw my shags out after," Stuart explained. "So I wouldn't have to have stupid conversations."

Prairie by Rhipodon Society (PG-13, Stuart/Vince)
"You want to pull over in the middle of fucking nowhere."

Salvaged Grace by Rhipodon Society (R, Stuart/Vince)
"It's never like films," Vince said, "is it?"

Wake by Rhipodon Society (PG-13, Stuart/Vince)
"Two hours talking about comic books and little plastic dolls. Have fun."

New! Introductions by solvent90 (NC-17, Stuart/Vince)
Apparently he'd forgotten that he'd tried this on Vince already, like he had on everyone else in the school.

Elephants and Zeppelins by Tanous (NC-17, Stuart/Vince)
Stuart Alan Jones would never be old.

A Life Less Ordinary by Tia (NC-17, Stuart/Vince)
A bit of drunken revelry, some more shameless smut.

A Simple Wank by Tia (R, Stuart/Vince)
Random conversation between Stuart and Vince, set in their teenage years.

A Week in the Life of... by Tia (R, Stuart/Vince)
Seven small glimpses into seven days of Stuart & Vince's life.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do by Tia (NC-17, Stuart/Vince)
Stuart and Vince break-up for the first time.

End of the Earth by Tia (PG-13, Stuart/Vince)
When a child is taken away from their home, it's commonly referred to as going into, or being "in care."

He is D: Delirious by Tia (R, Stuart/Vince)
Five stories, beginning with Stuart & Vince's teenage years, and where they could go from there.

He is I: Incredible by Tia (R, Stuart/Vince)
Second part of the D.I.S.C.O. series.

He is S: Superficial by Tia (R, Stuart/Vince)
Third part of the D.I.S.C.O. series.

He is C: Crazy, Crazy by Tia (NC-17, Stuart/Vince)
Fourth in the D.I.S.C.O. series.

He is O: Oh, Oh, Oh by Tia (NC-17, Stuart/Vince)
The last part of the D.I.S.C.O. series.

Selfish by Tia (NC-17, Stuart/Vince)
The hotel room after Judith's wedding, a re-imagining.

The Eiffel Tower by Tia (NC-17, Stuart/Vince)
PWP in Paris. Silly nonsense, silly title, just silly...

Pub Tales by Various UK Writers (NC-17, Stuart/Vince)
"So how was America?"

Bang by Sue Walsh (NC-17, Stuart/Vince)
Stuart needs Vince's help.

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